Permissionless Pools
How to submit and administer a permissionless pool.
Disclaimer: Intersola Permissionless Pools are a decentralized service that is managed by the collective community of ISOLA holders & stakers. Projects that are submitted to be voted on and/or that pass voting and move onto raising are not run by, managed, vetted or otherwise endorsed by the Intersola team. Please interact with the Permissionless Pools service at your own risk and manage your exposure accordingly as Intersola is not liable for any gains or losses experienced.

Intro to Permissionless Pools

Any project or DAO is able to launch an IDO pool via Intersola without approval from the Intersola core team. Launching a pool is straightforward, however requires approval from ISOLA stakers via voting in order to proceed - with 10k votes required (100k ISOLA at a rate of 10 ISOLA = 1 vote).

What's required to launch a pool?

  • Submit a pool via the Intersola Admin portal (details below)
    • 5 SOL paid as pool creation fee
    • Agree to raise fee (8% of SOL)
  • Pool is voted on by ISOLA stakers and must receive 10k votes (equivalent of 100k ISOLA)
  • Token must be minted and sent to the pool address PRIOR to IDO

Important Notes

  • Intersola is not responsible nor endorses any of the pools submitted through Permissionless Pools. Marketing is the responsibility of the project itself, however more info on marketing options will be available soon.
  • Please ensure pool details are accurate. Once a pool is activated, nothing else can change.
  • Ensure the pool start date is after the voting end date (maximum of 10 days)
  • If the sale has vesting, only the first distribution will be handled by the Intersola platform (and distributed via claiming). You will need to manually handle future distributions (a list of wallets and purchase amounts is available for download).
  • Funds raised are in SOL only
  • Please be aware of the timezone that is applying to the entry fields (your local timezone will be used and is described in UTC +[x] terms)

Launching a Permissionless Pool

Process Overview

  1. 1.
    Submit pool via the Admin Portal​
  2. 2.
    Pool is available to vote for at the Pools Directory
  3. 3.
    If the vote is successful, pool is listed as 'Pending'
  4. 4.
    Project tokens are to be sent to the pool SPL address
  5. 5.
    Pool is to be 'Activated' prior to the sale start (note: please ensure details are correct as they cannot be changed following this)
  6. 6.
    Sale takes place
  7. 7.
    First distribution is claimed via the pool page at the defined claim time
    • A csv download of all purchase wallets and amounts is accessible in the admin dashboard for download to facilitate manual future distribution of unvested tokens

Submitting a pool via the Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is where you will administer pool details. Your account here is tied to the wallet used to login, so ensure that you have secured access to this wallet as this cannot be accessed without it.
  1. 1.
    Connect your wallet and click Sign In With Address
  2. 2.
    Click Pools Management on the side bar
  3. 3.
    Click Create Pool or navigate to your existing Pool

Offchain Pool Information

  • Logo - Enter a URL for a copy of your logo (must be on a URL)
  • Pool name - Enter desired name of the pool (ie. MyPool Super Sale)
  • Tagline, Website, Twitter, Medium, Telegram - Enter project details
  • Token economic - Provide a URL to a document where token metrics can be found
  • Start date - The date that the pool will show up on the website from (ie. you can set this prior to the opening of voting)
  • Description - Provide a detailed overview of the project


  • Token address - Enter the token contract address. Note that this needs to be live prior to submitting the pool
  • Token name - Provide the desired token name (this is not connected to the on-chain information)
  • Token symbol - Provide the desired token symbol (similarly)
  • Token supply - Describe the total supply of tokens
  • Decimal - Provide the number of max decimals associated with the token

Onchain Pool Information

  • Vote time start, voting time end - Enter the desired voting time period. The maximum the pool can be open for is 10 days
  • Join pool start, join pool end - Enter the desired start time of the sale
  • Claim start - Enter the time and date that buyers will be able to claim their initial distribution of tokens from
  • Total raise - Enter the maximum SOL you are raising through the sale
  • Claimable percentage - Enter the % of purchased tokens that will be distributed through the platform. (Eg. If 50% is to be made available at TGE and 50% is vested for one month, you will simply enter 50)
  • ISOLA exclusive round / ISOLA FCFS for stakers round
    • Duration refers to how many minutes each round will be available for.
    • Total raise in ISOLA exclusive round - Amount of the raise reserved for Round 1 (ie. guaranteed for ISOLA stakers). Typically this should match the total SOL raised amount.
    • Multiplication rate refers to the maximum allocation available for IS stakers in the 2nd round (eg. multiplication rate of 3 means that if a user had an allocation of 2 SOL in the 1st round, they would have a max of 6 SOL in the 2nd round on a FCFS basis)
  • Swap ratio, Tokens per SOL - Enter the exchange rate in SOL terms ie. how many tokens are sold per 1 SOL
  • Max contribution size (SOL) - The maximum allocation per person in Round 3 (public FCFS)
  • Acknowledgement of 8% SOL raised will be kept in platform - Check the box to agree
  • Acknowledgement of 5 SOL charged as pool creation - Check the box to agree. Please ensure you have the available SOL in your wallet