Tokenomics for the Intersola Token

ISOLA Overview

Building a fair launchpad platform that supports our own early adopters has led us to develop the Intersola Token $ISOLA on the SOL network. We believe this is the best option to operate the launchpad, run competitions, provide fair allocation and provide other services down the track.
Users of Intersola who wish to contribute to projects on our launchpad will be required to hold and stake $ISOLA at various tiered thresholds in order to achieve guaranteed allocation into the live IDO. More details as to the exact tiers and thresholds will be provided in the near future, however we are certain that this will result in the fairest distribution possible for our users and the projects themselves.
The ISOLA contract address is: 333iHoRM2Awhf9uVZtSyTfU8AekdGrgQePZsKMFPgKmS Circulating supply: 8,166,667 tokens (as of the 4th of October 2021) Coingecko link:​

How to Purchase ISOLA

Acquiring ISOLA is the first step to participating in the Intersola launchpad platform. In order to do so, please follow the following simple steps:

Purchasing on Raydium

  • Set up and fund your Sollet wallet - Please see here for more information
  • Add the Intersola token to your Sollet wallet - You can do this in Sollet by clicking β€˜β€˜Add Token’ -> Manual, then adding the Contract Address into the Token Mint Address
    • ISOLA contract address: 333iHoRM2Awhf9uVZtSyTfU8AekdGrgQePZsKMFPgKmS
    • Note: You will need to do this in order to trade ISOLA on Raydium
  • Visit the Raydium website - Visit the Swap section of the website
  • Enter the Intersola contract address - Use the above ISOLA contract address and input it into the 'Search name or mint address'
    • The token may come up as labelled as 'Unknown' as it is pending review from the Solana team - you may view this here for more details
  • Set the token pair to ISOLA/USDT - If you attempt to trade with a different pair, this will result in an 'insufficient liquidity' error
Click here to add a new token to Raydium
Paste in the ISOLA contract address
Click here to finalise
Ensure you are looking at the ISOLA:USDC trading pair


Tokenomics as of July 2021

Launchpad Utility

The initial utility of the Intersola token will be limited to functionality within the Intersola Launchpad.
Launchpad Allocation Tiers

Guaranteed Allocation

Intersola users will have guaranteed allocation to all projects, assuming they hold at least a minimum amount of ISOLA, with increased weighting per tier. This tiered weighting will ensure that all contributors β€” big or small, will be able to participate in and contribute to the success of each project.