Participating in an Intersola IDO
Be prepared in 3 easy steps.

Intersola Launchpad

Intersola's primary product is our Solana launchpad whereby we list and provide access to the public for new exciting Solana projects. Finding out about upcoming launches is as simple as visiting our website to see what's coming up!

What do I need to take part?

In order to take part in an Intersola launchpad project IDO and be guaranteed allocation, you will simply need to:
  • Have a Sollet wallet setup and funded
  • ​Stake more than the minimum holding requirement of ISOLA in that wallet (ie. Level 1) before 24 hours from the start of the IDO
  • Be whitelisted for the project (if required)

How do Intersola IDO’s work?

The IDO Process

  1. 1.
    Staking - ISOLA community members will need to stake their ISOLA at least 24 hours prior to when the sale begins. ISOLA holders will be provided with a pool weighting (based on tiers β€” see below)
  2. 2.
    24 hours before the sale begins:
    • The conversion rate from USD to SOL will be set
    • A corresponding maximum Guaranteed Allocation amount for each participant will be set
  3. 3.
    ISOLA Exclusive Round - When the sale begins, there will be a 20 minute period where ISOLA stakers who have been whitelisted may buy up to their Guaranteed Allocation Amount
  4. 4.
    FCFS for Stakers - If there is any unsold allocation after the first 20 minutes, the FCFS for stakers round will begin and ISOLA stakers will be able to purchase up to 3x their Guaranteed Allocation on a FCFS basis until allocation is exhausted
  5. 5.
    FCFS Round - If there is any unsold allocation after the 40 minutes, the FCFS round will begin and be open to the public on a first-come-first-serve (FCFS) basis until the allocation is exhausted.
  6. 6.
    Claiming Tokens - Following the end of the sale period, successful purchasers will be able to claim their tokens to their Sollet wallet from the Intersola website


Projects that launch on Intersola will typically consist of three rounds:
  • ISOLA Exclusive Round: Takes place initially, often for 20 minutes reserved for users who have been successfully whitelisted via. the ISOLA token. Users will need to have staked ISOLA prior to the staking cut-off (often 24 hours prior to sale)
  • FCFS for Stakers: This will follow the exclusive round for another 20 minute period, and is reserved for ISOLA stakers. Allocation here will be on a FCFS basis and users can buy up to 3x their Guaranteed Allocation
  • FCFS Round: Takes place immediately right after the ISOLA Exclusive Round. This is open to the public and is accessible for all people, regardless of ISOLA whitelisting.

Allocation Limits

Each round has a separate maximum allocation limit:
  • Guaranteed Allocation Amount: This is the amount available in the ISOLA Exclusive Round, based on the users pool weighting from their ISOLA Tier. You will only see an allocation available here if you have successfully staked prior to the deadline OR been whitelisted from some other method. ISOLA Exclusive Round allocation is 1x this amount, whilst FCFS for stakers is 3x this amount.
  • Total Allocation Amount: This is the amount available in the FCFS Round. Any amounts purchased as part of the Guaranteed Allocation Amount are included here. Any SOL wallet will have an available allocation here given the FCFS round is open to the public.

ISOLA Tier Level & Guaranteed Allocation

Launchpad Allocation Tiers
The amount of the project token available to ISOLA Exclusive Round participants (Guaranteed Allocation) is based on their ISOLA tier. When the staking deadline for an IDO is reached (24 hours prior to sale start), a snapshot of staked wallets and tiers will be taken. The maximum amount to raise in the pool is then divided between the wallets based on the weighting and number of participants in the pool. This will result in each wallet having their own Guaranteed Allocation amount in the ISOLA Exclusive Round of that sale. Your allocation will be reflected around 24 hours prior to the start of the sale on the respective pool page.

Sale Walkthrough

1. Once sale day is here, it's ready to go over to and click through to the project page. It is important that you access the IDO via the Intersola homepage to ensure you are directed to the official sale page.
a) Find the project pool link on the homepage
2. You will then be sent through to the project IDO pool.
b) Project IDO Pool Page 1
Key for b) Project IDO Pool Page 1
  1. 1.
    Connect wallet - Click here using a browser that you have Sollet installed on, and connect your wallet
  2. 2.
    Pool status - Open or closed
  3. 3.
    Total raise - The total amount to be raised in the pool (in the raise currency ie. SOL in the above example) and the conversion rate of RaiseCurrency:ProjectTokens
  4. 4.
    Contribution tracker - Progress of how much of the allocation has been purchased and how much remains, number of participants who have purchased, and what is the access type (ie. combination of whitelist and first-come-first-serve)
  5. 5.
    Rounds - Current sale round is highlighted with a blue box including time remaining (unless the progress is complete)
3. Begin by connecting your Sollet wallet (b1 above) and allowing Intersola to access your Solana account
4. Look for the Swap amount (c6 below) and enter your desired contribution amount in the raise currency, then click Contribute. Note your maximum available contribution limit (c7).
c) Project IDO Pool Page 2
Key for c) Project IDO Pool Page 2
6. Contribution - Enter your desired contribution amount of the raise currency (ie. SOL) 7. Contribution level - Your maximum and remaining contribution
5. Confirm the Swap.
d) Swap confirmation
6. Approve the transaction popup from your Sollet wallet, and review the Secured Allocation confirmation.
e) Secured Allocation confirmation
7. One the sale has ended, ensure your wallet is connected to Intersola, then return to the IDO Pool Page and navigate to the Secured Allocation section (f8 below), where you will be able to claim your tokens after the claim date!
f) Project IDO Pool Page 3