How to stake your ISOLA
Joining in on the Solana action is simple - start with holding ISOLA
NOTE: If you staked your ISOLA prior to the 13th of December, you are most likely staked on V1 (see your V1 staked balance here). You will need to migrate your ISOLA from V1 to V2 which is outlined in this article. V2 staking is now found at this link.
To stake your ISOLA please visit:โ€‹
Staking your ISOLA is crucial to the utility of the token and the launchpad. Users will need to lock up their tokens in order to access project IDOโ€™s, ensuring fairness within the platform. In order to ensure your accessibility to as many IDOโ€™s as possible, it is important that you stake as early as possible so that you donโ€™t miss out.
While your tokens remain staked, you will be granted Guaranteed Allocation (in the ISOLA Exclusive Round) of any IDO as long as they remain staked prior to the deadline of any IDO (often 24 hours prior to the start of sale).

Guide to Staking ISOLA

  1. 1.
    Go to and connect your wallet (you will either be prompted or click 'Connect Wallet' in the top right corner
  2. 2.
    Enter your desired ISOLA amount under 'STAKE YOUR ISOLA' and click 'Stake'. Note that you will only need to stake at least the amount that corresponds to each tier of allocation. Increasing your ISOLA holding while not increasing your tier will not increase your allocation.
Enter your desired ISOLA amount to stake, then click 'Stake'
3. Confirm the amount about to be staked, the tier level you will be allocated, and how much time must pass before you can withdraw without penalty (see below for more info)
4. You will then be able to see your current tier level and your staked tokens. In order to unstake, input the amount of ISOLA you would like to withdraw and click 'Unstake' then follow the prompts.

Minimum Staking Duration

There is a required 15 day minimum staking duration from the time of the latest staking. If you perform a premature withdrawal, there will be a penalty applied with a rate of 20% as per the following formula:
Early Withdrawal Formula
To avoid a penalty, you will simply need to wait to unstake until after the maturity date (15 days). If you stake additional tokens, this will reset the maturity date counter, and another 15 days will apply.
To unstake, simply access Staking via the Intersola website. There you may input the amount you would like to unstake and follow the given instructions. After unstaking, your Tier Level will be set at the rate of your remaining staked ISOLA amount.
ISOLA Tier Level & Guaranteed Allocation
Launchpad Allocation Tiers
The amount of the project tokens available to ISOLA Exclusive Round participants (Guaranteed Allocation) is based on their ISOLA tier. When the staking deadline for an IDO is reached (24 hours prior to sale start), a snapshot of staked wallets and tiers will be taken. The maximum amount to raise in the pool is then divided between the wallets based on the weighting and number of participants in the pool. This will result in each wallet having their own Guaranteed Allocation amount in the ISOLA Exclusive Round of that sale. Your allocation will be reflected around 24 hours prior to the start of the sale on the respective pool page.
Allocation will be calculated based on a number of factors including the amount of tokens available for sale & the number of users staked on each level. Every staked user will be provided with a Guaranteed Allocation in the ISOLA Exclusive Round of each sale based on the following formula:
Pool Allocation Formula
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